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Sublime Cream

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7 Advanced Molecular Factors

Day / Night Cream + Sleep Mask

Inspired by biotensegrity and the skin’s ability to self-sustain, this rejuvenating treatment boosts skin architecture, a robust tensile network of collagen fibers, through an exclusive cocktail of 7 molecular factors that intensely moisturize and restore volume, while improving the the skin’s tightening capacity, suppleness and elasticity.

Its polymeric “oil-trap” texture breaks convention by forming cross-linked networks that trap active ingredients, offering better hold on the skin and a greater capacity for prolong benefits.

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pearlescent BioGeloid transforms into a breathable skin patch (advanced membrane delivery system of ingredients), then effortlessly peels off leaving in its wake a luminous gold hue. The treatment:

BALANCES skin hydrastasis through a novel bacterial ferment (Mars on Earth).

ACTIVATES microcirculation and DECONGESTS the treated area with Niacinamide and Chlorella Seaweed.