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Instant - Lip Balm

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Lip Volume Revolution 

A unique vegan lip beauty treatment with a highly sensory, nourishing and melting texture offering a luscious, natural, non-greasy finish and instant comfort with a long-lasting effect. Based on biomimetic phytowaxes and peptides, it retexturises, redefines and redensifies the lip area and provides a long-term plumping effect.

An advanced formula producing a needle-free lip metamorphosis through:

REGENERATION: A peptide complex and biomolecules activate support proteins, increasing lip volume and redensifying the skin with a cumulative effect.

NUTRITION Plant oils form a protective and nourishing film, increasing moisture retention, while waxes and butters provide a smooth, melting texture for juicy, plump lips.


Apply directly onto the lips and refresh as often as necessary.

Sleep Mask:
Apply a generous layer as a mask before going to bed to wake up with fuller, redensified and smoother lips. The result will be very similar to a lip infiltration, but needle-free.