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Instant - Your New Makeup Multi-Tasking Hero

Instant - Your New Makeup Multi-Tasking Hero

Instant All-in-One Colour Treatment: The hardest working product in your makeup repertoire. 

For those who love a quick, effortless yet stunning makeup look, the Instant All-in-One Colour Treatment is the perfect solution. This innovative product is designed for those who are on-the-go (aren't we all!) and who desire a flawless, luminous appearance without the need for complex techniques.

The Instant  All-in-One Colour Treatment is a multi-tasking emulsion that combines skincare benefits with a touch of colour. This fluid, blendable formula is designed for use on the lips, cheeks, and eyes, making it a versatile and convenient addition to any makeup routine. With five light, luminous, and long-lasting colours, this product treats the skin while enhancing your natural beauty.

 Alleven Instant Shade Group

The formula features advanced colour pigments that revive the skin, correct colour irregularities, improve hydration and breathability, and refract light for a natural glow. Additionally, the firm forming technology in this product drapes the skin with an elastic matrix, offering a high capacity to adhere to the skin, and excellent resistance to friction, sweat, water, and sebum – for a long-wearing effect.

What's more, this product is incredibly easy to use. Simply apply, blend, and leave to dry for a perfect finish that won't dry out, move, or leave colour lines. Instant offers a long-lasting perfect appearance for up to 8 hours, as proven by clinical study.